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Born in California as an Air Force brat, Jon has lived most of his life in Michigan where he now resides with his wife and muse, Lynn. He is self-taught, but with considerable help and inspiration from others. Working in a commercial photography studio during college did not sway him from pursuing his degree in chemistry, but it did fuel a lifelong passion for photography.

Jon’s work is influenced by the works of Henri Cartier-Bresson for his composition and humor, Emmet Gowin for his intimate portraits, Irving Penn for his striking portraiture, and James Nachtwey who reminds us of  the power that photography has to change the world.

Jon is adamant about using his photography to serve others, and this is nowhere more apparent than his work in Guatemala. He sees photography as a means to engage others in service to the Mayan people of this third world country.

Artist Statement

Seeing beauty in “the everyday” takes intention. Part of that is living in the moment. That is, being fully present to what is available to the senses. Light, line and emotion are there if we are attentive and wait until we really see.

Making a worthy photograph requires me to live in the moment. That act alone enriches my life. Each photograph becomes a self-portrait.

I’ve been making photographs and prints most of my life. As a degreed chemist, I have always enjoyed the chemical darkroom and print making process. Currently though, my work is mostly digital. Although the digital darkroom is different from the chemical one, it is no less satisfying. Ansel Adams said “The negative is the score, and the print is the performance”. So true. Much more goes into making a fine print than pressing the shutter release.


Art Ventures Gallery, 409 West Main Street, Brighton, Michigan 48116
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I am always pleased to discuss photography projects and invite you to connect with me.

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