“My Name is Virginia!”

Virginia is a nine year old girl living with her family of seven in a one room house in San Lucas Toliman, Guatemala. The book tells the story of a typical day in this Mayan child’s life including home chores, school, play and other activities. Written in English and Spanish, and filled with large, descriptive photographs it can be enjoyed by children and adults alike.

The story is told in simple, short sentences suitable for young children. Each English sentence is accompanied by a translation in Spanish. A word or two in each sentence is highlighted in red to easily link key English/Spanish phrases. For older children (and adults!) the book contains two pages of practice exercises to translate simple words from English to Spanish and Spanish to English.

With the purchase of this book you are supporting The House of Healing Foundation to help improve the living conditions of people like Virginia and her family. All proceeds from this book go directly to the House of Healing Foundation. www.houseofhealing.com

Hardcover, 8.25 x 11″, 30 pages.

Suggested donation: $10.00

Shipping and Handling $3.50

For more information email or call: jon@nelsonlens.com, 810.923.5954

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About the House of Healing Foundation

The House of Healing Foundation was established in 2014 with a vision to serve as a medical clinic for the local indigenous population of San Lucas Toliman, Guatemala, and to provide accommodations for a continuous flow of volunteer healthcare workers and mission teams.  It  serves as a training and equipping center that makes significant contributions to the overall quality of life in the area. (http://houseofhealingmission.org)

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