What unfolds in the split second that makes a photograph? This tiny fraction of time organized into the frame of a rectangle is sometime benign, but sometimes magical. A photograph can be an enduring artifact of single moment, or it can be a question mark with meaning that becomes clear over time, or perhaps remains a mystery.

Photographs can be many things, but a good photograph is one that makes the viewer turn around or turn the page back and look again. Our memories work in still images, not a video loop. A photograph can take us to places where we recall times with joy, sadness, and a host of other emotions. A single photograph has the power to stir people to action. Jon’s work seeks to do all these things whether in a single photograph, photographic series, or book.

Jon is a photographer living in Michigan on a never-ending road exploring the relationships of photographs to our lives and to the Eternal.


Art Ventures Gallery, 409 West Main Street, Brighton, Michigan 48116
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I am always pleased to discuss photography projects and invite you to connect with me.

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